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Rise Above the Competition

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Our Focus


To provide creative data science and Ai-powered solutions to help clients compete and win.


To leverage data science and Ai tools & technologies to power innovative solutions that enable clients to leverage internal and external data to achieve competitive advantage.


Our Difference

We leverage our expertise in competitive intelligence and data science to build and deliver predictive, machine learning, and Ai-driven solutions that enable our clients to better understand their competition and the market.


Our custom competitive intelligence data science tools provide clients a unique view into their internal and external data, transforming raw data into data-derived competitive insights.

Our Tools

Our Approach

Competitive Analytics, A New Playbook


We leverage custom built data science tools, and our competitive intelligence research partners, to help clients understand the competitive landscape. Data and research are used to uncover competitor messaging/positioning, intellectual property, HR trends, and other key competitive intelligence indicators.


We leverage data collected from the competitive landscape to gain insight into key areas of opportunity or vulnerability. Client feedback helps us to further identify alignment with strategic priorities to further navigate areas of focus.


With key competitive areas of focus identified, we work hand-in-hand with clients to propose innovative data science solutions that work to address competitive opportunities and/or vulnerabilities. We bring the expertise necessary to ensure our solutions are properly aligned with client products, skills, and technologies.

Data Science Based Competitive Intelligence Applications

Ai-driven tools help to quickly and efficiently develop competitive landscapes, discover market and industry trends, and track competitive indicators.

Building on our deep expertise in data science and competitive intelligence, RivalLabs offers clients a unique environment for testing  innovative solutions that further enhance competitive strategy. 

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